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Luzerne County Coroner Corruption

Lehman Family Funeral Service is NOT AFFILIATED with the Luzerne County Coroners Office. As funeral service providers, we will not double as coroners in an inherent conflict, with our private interest.

Grieving families in Luzerne County, should be PRAYED FOR, not PREYED ON.

With over 30 Luzerne County Public Officials convicted of various crimes, with ONE COMMON theme, using their position of trust as a platform to further their private interest. We have a culture of corruption in Luzerne County.

Not all deputy coroners would offer their service as a funeral director, while working in the PUBLIC TRUST, in a “Conflict of Interest.” There are some that seek part time employment to make “ends meet.” We have the utmost admiration and respect for these deputies-- they respond all hours of the day and night and with a median income of less then $2,000.00 annually.

One of our County's deputy coroners “caringly” offered his services as a funeral director to a grieving family, received a slap on the wrist by the Luzerne County Ace Commission, then had the conviction overturned due to a PROCEDURAL TECHNICALITY.

We are looking, particularly, if one of the following scenarios occurred:

1.  You were solicited by the coroner to use their affiliated Funeral Home .

2.  The Coroner gave price quotes or estimates for cremation or funeral service.

3.  If you were asked “have you selected a Funeral home?” and they responded “if you would like, we can handle your needs.”

4.  If the determining reason of why you chose their Funeral Home was their presence on scene as a coroner.

If you have been involved with a Luzerne County Coroner working in a conflict of interest with their Funeral Home, please contact us at 570-822-4634.

$10,000.00 REWARD

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